Saturday, March 24, 2012


This past week I've been pretty busy with some of my larger projects.  Because of this my project for the week is a pretty simple one.  I made up a Pokeball hackysack!

I will  admit that it would be much easier to crochet this then knit, but I've yet to properly pick up a crochet needle.  So it took me a few attempts to make a good one.

I first did a double-knitting technique with all the colors but things got too messy inside.  So I just switched out the colors each time.  I left all the strings attached inside (because i'm not the biggest fan of sewing my knitting.)  But it was still much too flat.

I stuffed it as much as i could and sewed it up.  But it couldn't be saved.  

As it turns out though, kitteh loved it.  So I took out all the stuffing and put a bit of cat nip in there for him.  :)

Then I made a second one.  I changed the type of red yarn I was using because it was chunkier then the white yarn.  This fixed an issue I had with the first pokeball as the two gauges were different.  It turned out so much better.  So I stuffed it with rice, sewed in the ends and voila...

Also.  MUDKIPS.  Enjoy.


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