Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Thanksgivening

This past week I was in Ontario visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  No one really knew I was coming so it was a lot of fun just showing up to dinner and surprising everyone.  It's so important to take time off and spend it with family.  I now feel much more refreshed and energized.

Whenever I go on long trips I bring my current projects with me, (Being outside for more then 5 hours can sometimes count as a long trip and therefore also requires knitting).  This time around I had a bag full of cotton yarn ready to be made into dishcloths.  The goal was to see how many I could make in a week.  The pattern I used was relatively quick to complete, but there were whole days spent without crocheting so the final count was not as many as expected.  It still ended up being a little mountain of dishcloths.  It was a good exercise on keeping my stitches consistent.

 One of my cousins commented on how she loved the Batty wristband when they first came out,  so I gave her one.  The next day she went around showing it off.  It's so awesome when my knitting finds a good home!

Every time I make a trip home I stop by my knitting Mecca, my grandmother's house.  It's so exciting to have another knitter in the family, (I am the only one of 8 cousins that picked it up) and love sharing my current projects with my Nana.  I usually leave with a handful of new needles, or yarn, or buttons, etc.  This time while there I was able to do a little interview with her and learn more about my knitting heritage.

My Nana started knitting and crocheting over 62 years ago!  That's a lot of time to perfect the craft.  She started off knitting sweaters and crocheting doilies and has made many items over the years including socks, slippers, sweaters, hats, gloves, afghans...The list goes on!  It astounds me that despite all her years of knitting she has never learned to work off a written pattern.  Instead she looks at a finished product and is able to recreate it, or has created her own patterns.  My Nana has been such an inspiration to me.

To wrap it all up I want to share my new luggage tag.  I was ready to run out the door to catch my plane when I realized I had nothing to identify my bags.  Well a knitter is never really at a loss for cool accessories so I grabbed one of the crochet flowers I'd previously made and voila!

Pattern crochet flower:http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L20081.html

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Harry Potter Scarf

A few weeks ago I received my first Etsy order.  I've had quite a few custom orders before but they have all been for friends or co-workers.  This is the first time somebody found my blog and contacted me for my something.  Yay networking!  After many back and forth messages we finalized the order of a Harry Potter scarf.

There are a few different types of scarves used in the movie.  The first year scarf is your basic stripped scarf. We decided upon the pattern they used for second year students at Hogwarts.  In this case I used Gryffindor colours, but the pattern could be used for any of the other houses.  (Slythern - green and silver, Ravenclaw - blue and gray, Hufflepuff - yellow and black)

I found the pattern from the Come and Go Room.  It called for 100 sts but this makes a very wide scarf.  If you are looking to make your own I would recommend about 50-60 sts for cast on.

The scarf was knit in the round to make it much thicker and therefore warmer.  Even going full out and focusing all my efforts on this one project it took me a few weeks to complete.  Overall it was a very basic pattern.  Knit 30 rows of main colour, 4 rows contrasting colour, 4 rows main, and another 4 rows contrasting colour. Repeat until you reach the desired length.  To complete the scarf you add a fringe on both ends.  

I`m really quite happy with how it turned out and already I have people asking for a scarf for themselves.  Looks like this will be another pattern that gets quite a bit of use!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So many projects

It's getting cold outside and starting to look like fall.  This means it's ramping up into prime knitting season!  I love the time of year when all the hats and gloves start coming out.  It's so inspiring I find myself thinking "I could knit that".  You can find me rooting through the hat racks in the mall going "Ooh! This one has cables!"

It's also the perfect time to start knitting Christmas gifts.  Although I'm sure no one is as crazy as I am when I start to plan my gifts in August.  The past few years I have tried to knit something for EVERYONE, which proves to be a little difficult.  Try knitting 10 dishcloths in a row without getting bored of your pattern. So the goal this year is to pace myself and to keep from overstretching my yarn, so to speak.

With orders starting to pile in for the winter season I really need to focus on the projects I have on the go right now.  There are quite a few things that I have started, but did not yet get the chance to finish.  I usually end up getting distracted, because it's hard to stay focused with Pintrest and Ravelry at your fingertips.

Ever since we moved into the new apartment I have felt that the deck has looked too boring. Of course, I decided to spruce it up with some yarn.  I found a good pattern for a flower bunting and cast on.  It has been great practice for my crochet since its currently over a thousand stitches long (whew!). The project has been coming along but I think I missed my deadline for the season.  The colours are very spring/summer and it'll probably be done just in time for it to be covered in snow.  

The bunting got put on the back-burner when I got my first Etsy order.  Yay!  I received a custom order for a Harry Potter scarf and it's all I've been working on recently.  

That's pretty much all for now.  As always I`m working hard to keep my Etsy shop up to date.  Keep watching my Twitter/ Facebook for updates.  If you like what you see please take a moment to follow me or leave a comment!