Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Yarn Box

There are a few pattern designs that I have on the go.  One of them being some Wibbly Wobbly gloves based off the 4th Doctor scarf.  Designing the pattern has been a lot of fun, except for all of the colour switching it requires.  

The gloves use six different colours that I am constantly switching between.  At first it was not an issue but the longer the gloves got, the more tedious it became.  My yarn kept getting tangled and was all over the place.  It covered every bit of the couch and often extended to the floor!

So I figured there must be a better way.    Thinking it couldn't be too hard I set out to make my own yarn holder.  I've seen some yarn holders on pintrest and had a good idea of what I needed.  There are some great DIY tutorials on how to make yarn holders out of things such as tissue paper boxes or pop bottles.  

I decided to take a large cardboard box so that it could hold all 6 skeins of yarn and anything else I would need.  All I had to do was poke a few holes in the side of the box and pull all the strings through.  I found it worked best to have the yarn un-wind from the centre rather then coming from the outside.  You can find a tutorial on  how to do that here.

Having my own yarn holder was perfect!  It not only kept all my yarn from tangling, therefore saving me so much time and energy sorting them out. it also makes things very easy for transporting my projects.  All the yarn is already in the box, just throw in my pattern and needles then good to go!

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