Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cat Toy - Basic Ball

My kitty is a very big part of everything I do.  When I'm at home he follows me everywhere, constantly getting into my stuff.  Sometimes this is really cute.  Other times it gets tedious pretty fast (especially when he goes for the merino wool!)  He can be a very big inspiration as well.  Recently I've started making some geeky cat toys for him.  It helps to keep him busy and out of my working yarn!  Not to mention it is too adorable watching him going crazy over a pokeball.

I've included a pattern for a basic ball, knit in the round.  It is very versitile as it can be adopted by so many different colour patterns and gauges.  I usually stuff it with catnip and bell for an added treat that makes them pretty irresistible. 


 - 4 Double-pointed needles; size 4 US 

- tapestry needle 

- Stuffing.- I use scrap yarn for stuffing on the chance that my kitty is munching on it.         *Polyfil stuffing is not digestible and should not be used*
- catnip 
- bell (optional) 

Finished size approx 2" x 5" around


Sts - Stitches 
CO - Cast on 
K - Knit 
KFB - Knit front and back 
K2tog - Knit two stitches together 


Co 6 sts, divide between 3 double-pointed needles and set up for working in the round (6 [2-2-2]) 
Row 1: KFB 6 times (12 [4-4-4]) 
Row 2: Knit to end Row 3: [K1, KFB] Repeat 5 more times (18 [6-6-6]) 
Row 4: Knit to end 
Row 6: [K2, KFB] Repeat 5 more times (24 [8-8-8]) 
Row 7-17: Knit to end 
Row 18: [K2, K2TOG] Repeat 5 more times (18 [6-6-6]) 
Row 19: Knit to end 
Row 20: [K1, K2TOG] Repeat 5 more times (12 [4-4-4]) 
Row 21: Knit to end


This is usually the point where I stuff my cat toy.  Anything smaller and I can't fit my fingers or the stuffing in!  If you are having trouble stuffing your cat toy I would recommend going back to before Row 20. 

I fill my ball about halfway before adding the catnip and bell.  About 2 pinches of catnip does it for me.  Then I put a little more stuffing on top and start to close it up. 


Row 22: K2TOG 6 times (6 [2-2-2]) 
Finish by pulling tail through last 6 sts. 

Weave in all ends.  Or don't.  My cat loves playing with the strings as much as batting it around sometimes. 

Thank you for reading!  I would love it if you shared some pictures of your cats playing with their new toys.  Any questions or comments regarding the pattern please contact me.


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