Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photos of the Institute

I take a fair amount of pictures on my adventures.  But in the digital age I generally don't see them.  I upload them away into semi-organized index system.  So I have decided to collect old photos that I have that look really cool.  

I spent a fair bit of time arranging and re-arranging, decorating and re-decorating my apartments.  And I always like repurposing when I already have.  So I have deviced a little instrutable on how to do it yourself!

-corkboard     -awesome photos     -pushpins    -tape

The hardest part is picking which photos to display.  Or the most fun.  Either way, lay them out in a way that's visually appalling

 Dont worry too much about what goes where yet.  It is mostly to get a basic shape to work with.  You will have chances to move things around before we're done.  I organized my pictures so the top row had a straight edge to base the rest off of.  

Start in one of the corners and flip the photos over.  I prefer to use tape so that I don't damage any of the photos.  That way I can reuse them and I don't have to put holes in anything.

Repeat this process until you are out of pictures or you've reached the desired sizings.  Get as creative as you like!

Next we're going to attach the photo-collage to the cork board.  Pin it in place using the pushpins.  The cool thing is you don't have to poke through the photos.  You can always place the pins around the photos to hold it up.

And voila!  Now I get to see all the awesome cool stuff I do.  Yay.

Finished product

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  1. That board was empty last night! Good job! :D