Saturday, February 2, 2013


You know what`s badass?  Skulls.  I honestly think so.  You want some examples?  Pirates, bikers, ghost rider, really cool little girls.

It is by special request from my local biker that I make the Skullkerchief.  For those cold spring days just after taking the bike out of storage.  This is designed to keep the face toasty, warm and safe from the wind.  

Also it makes you look pretty wicked.

This was another project using multiple colours.  I think I have made vast improvements from some of my previous multi-coloured projects.  They often bunch up and I get my yarn all tangled.  This time I did my research and looked into what it takes to do some proper multi-coloured knits.

I used the Intarsia technique.  This is where you wrap the yarns around each other so there are no gaps when changing colours.  As you can see, in the back it criss crosses the colours.  Its much better work back and forth rather then in the round.


For more on Intarsia see:

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