Sunday, April 28, 2013

Night Market

So my friend runs up to me last Thursday before fresh meat practice.  She asks me if I wanted to take part in a night market on Saturday.  My answer was of course, YES!

It was really cool.  It was inside the Khyber house in downtown Halifax.  Set up was at 6:30 and the market ran from 8pm - midnight.  My friend Sarah and I got there early.  We nabbed a pretty sweet location and laid out our wares.  

There were a lot of people who passed by.  Some were drawn in by the batman wristbands littered across our blanket. A few got really excited when they recognized the Jayne Cobb hat.  Many commented on how much they liked my blog name.  It was really fun meeting all the different people that came through.  

I spent most of the night knitting away.  Occasionally taking a break to wander around the market.  There were people selling clothing, jewlery, delicious baked goods...yummy!  There was a dance floor and a bar.  In one corner there was a woman braiding hair and another corner had tarot card readings.  It was a pretty happening place and pretty crowded most of the evening.

I found this absolutely beautiful pair of Doc Martens that fit me perfectly.  It was love at first sight.  I picked the up for only $1 and was shocked to see they'd never been worn! 

I made a dishcloth and a half while I was there.  I traded the finished dishcloth for a bracelet that Sarah made.  It is so cute.  My favourite part is the little catbell on it.  I've been wearing it all day.

I'm a little bummed out because I didn't sell anything, but I picked up some awesome items and had a really cool night out.  So I try not to get too upset over it.  ;)

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