Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Can't Take The Yarn From Me!

For once I have something topical to discuss.  Something of utmost outrage!  Some of you may have already heard, but FOX has decided to shut down the online sales of home made Jayne Cobb hats.  This is so crazy.

Firefly has been off the air for over a decade, and since then fans have been fighting to bring it back.  Browncoats are known to be some pretty die hard fans and in 2005 the movie Serenity was released.  If you have not seen either I suggest you change that immediately.  Seriously.  However, be aware that you will be outraged that there was only one seasons and a movie.  Welcome to the club.

These hats are some of the most popular geek swag and obviously one of my favourites.  Now FOX  has decided to shut down all the online sales of unlicensed hats to begin mass producing them.  I for one say, you can't take the yarn from me!

As a result of this the browncoats have started to fight back.  Go to  Take a picture of your homemade Jayne hats and post it everywhere.  I did!

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