Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Geekquinox

In case you missed it, this past weekend was the Spring Geekquinox here in Halifax.  It was a blast!  This was my first time as a vendor at an expo and I have been knitting pretty ferociously this past month to get prepared.  It definitely paid off.

There were so many cool vendors there.  Which is great because my favorite part of conventions is always checking out the vendor tables and the artwork.  It was awesome seeing so many local artists gathered in one place.  The atmosphere there was so positive.  Everyone was excited to be there and sharing their geeky interests with other people.

My pokeballs and 'Cunning' hats definitely turned out to be the crowd favorite.  During the first day one of the other vendors had a special request for a blue and red Batman wristband.  Sounded a bit suspicious at first but it looked really awesome when it was completed.

It was a great experience and I have already got a lot of  ideas for next time.   Which, I`m happy to announce. will be Saturday, April 27th for Aubcon at Auburn High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  I can`t wait!

There was so much cool stuff everywhere.  It was very common for one of the other vendors to talk a walk around and come back with handfuls of new swag.  Here are some of my favorite tables.

Ray Desjardins, the writer and creator of Shenanigans Tale and Teva One.  You can find his comics at Giant Robot Comics in Dartmouth, and Monster Comics Lounge in Halifax.

Andre Myette with his prints.  His table was busy all day and with good reason.  He had some fabulous art, including Doctor who, the Avengers, and a bunch of horror movie prints.  (I have about 3 copies of his Day of the Doctor!)

Kim and Marcy of Creative Creations by Marcy.  These lovely ladies shared the table to the right of me and were so much fun.  Marcy is a big Doctor Who fan (in case you can`t tell by all the wicked shirts) and Kim was new to the geeky scene.  We explained Doctor Who, Firefly and a few other fandoms to her and she was hooked by the time the weekend was over.

Alex Naugler of Sticks and/or Stones Jewlery.  She had so many beautiful necklaces and earrings.  There were a pair of robot earrings I was coveting for myself all weekend.  I ended up buying some key earrings and a mustache necklace for my derby wives instead.  Gotta spread the love!

Ashley Kuko of Kuko Creations.  She makes some fantastic geeky jewelry and accessories, not to mention costumes.  On the first day she was Storm from X-men and here you can see her in all steam-punk attire.  She was seriously rocking her booth!

Amy of Amy LaLoon Pottery.  I get something of hers just about every time she has a table.  Her work is beautiful and really good quality.  Last Christmas I picked up one of her Cthulhu mugs and this time I had to grab a Dalek mug for a friend.  I would highly recommend checking out her work!

Jessica and April of Perler Pixelations.  I was back and forth at this table a number of times trying to shop for a friend of mine.  These ladies were so much fun to talk to!  They have some really fantastic 8-bit art from all kinds of classic video games.  I ended up picking up a Yoshi set (Yoshi, baby Yoshi, and egg) from them.  Couldn't be happier!

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