Thursday, May 29, 2014

PEI trip

Photography by Luckless Photography
Well it is officially the start of bout season!  On May 17th Anchor City Rollers loaded up a bus load of skaters and fans to play a double header in PEI.  The Halifax Black Rock Bandits faced off  against Charolettetown's Moonshine Maidens, and then the Halifax Dead Ringers played Summerside's Twisted Sisters.  It was quite the show!

The bus ride from Halifax to Charolettetown is about four hours long.  So you know I wasn't going to make the trip without my knitting!  Skatey was having a bit of trouble figuring out how to double-knit so I decided to hold a workshop on the bus.  There were are few girls that were interested in double-knitting but most were really into learning the basics.  So I ended up being quite the social butterfly of the bus, constantly bouncing from one seat to the next all over the bus.

Soon we had lured out most of the crafters.  It is alway so much fun checking out what some of the the other girls are working on.  It's always such a wide range of things.   The Hickster was working on some socks using double-pointed needles.  

Thunder the Radar and Are Too D2 were knitting with some t-shirt fabric. 

 Fifi La Flirte, one of our referees even took over my black and white double-knitting swatch. Most people that were learning the basics learned how to cast-on, and maybe knit a few stitches before getting bored with it.  

But Taxamiss Prime was so excited to learn how to knit that she did it almost the entire bus ride.  She learned how to cast-on, knit, purl and the differences between stockinette and garter stitch.  Looking pretty fabulous for a first project.  It even has the same amount of stitches each row!  (no joke, very hard to do the first time you knit)

Skatey also kept going most of the bus ride.  She even finished up her swatch at home after the game!  I'm so excited for her because it looked like she really understood it by the time we got to PEI.

The whole trip was such a great time.  Both  Halifax teams won.  It was fantastic to be able to sit on the sidelines, screaming my head off for the Black Rock Bandits, who won 246-231 against the Moonshine Maidens.  Then for the second game I got to jam with the Dead Ringers, who won 226-196 against the Twisted Sisters.  I must have done pretty well in the game because the Twisted Sisters even voted me MVP jammer.  

No knitting happened on the ride home.  Only pizza, excitement over the game, then eventually sleep.

Photography by Roy Crawford

 Anchor Citry Rollers:

Red Rock'n Roller Derby:

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