Thursday, July 10, 2014

Into the yarn bin

As many knitters do I get excited at the prospect of a beautiful pattern.  There are many moments were I start a pattern that I love, get my yarn and start knitting it, only to get interrupted by finding another really beautiful pattern that I just have to make!  I'm not the only one with a host of unfinished projects. (Though I have never succumb to the dreaded second sock syndrome)

We are going to take a quick peek into my unfinished pile.  I'm a huge fan of gloves!  The right pair of lacy/cabled glove just speaks to me.  You can tell by the amount of gloves I have started, but never finished for whatever reason.  I'll get around to it...soon.

This is the start of a pair of star trek fingerless gloves designed off my star trek drink cozy pattern.  Just the single glove, no pair for it yet.

These were actually really fun to work out and I still love the pattern. Seed stitch + short cuff = the cutest little gloves!  All it needs is two fingers, a thumb and a matching pair to be finished.  

This is the first is a pair of gloves.  The main body of the hand is knit in purl and the design is achieved by a very simple cable pattern.  The fingers are going to alternate between the blue and purple yarn with a blue edging around the cuff.  I fully plan to finish these one day.  Very happy with the pattern!

These are going to be some very long gloves.  As you can see the cuff is going to be just past the elbow.  Obviously there is still quite a bit of work left to do but it is going to make for some beautiful arm warmers.

One of the first pair of gloves I made for myself.  These are actually knit flat and sewn up the side, leaving space for the thumb hole.  The pair is fully knit, only needing to be sewn up and the ends weaved in.  Having to sew them up is actually what put them on the back burner.  I now knit my gloves in the round because I don't have to sew nearly as much. 

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