Saturday, January 10, 2015

Island Yarn Bomb

During the holidays we went back to Boland's Island.  Suie was off in Ontario for a few weeks and Wifey was the caretaker while she was gone.  We decided it was the perfect time to leave Suie a few gifts around the island.

Before we went up I emptied out my "in progress" bin and took a few lone scraps from my stash.  During the drive up I was furiously knitting away more beautiful bits of yarn to add on.

 Taking a look around the island was a little overwhelming at first.  I wanted to cover everything in yarn!  You run into logistical problems pretty quickly though when deciding what to yarn bomb. 

"This handle is perfect!  It's easy to get to and right in the sun!"
"You mean the cat bed?"


I should have yarn bombed it anyways.  At least the cat would have been happy.

The coffee pot handle seemed like a great place to add a cozy.  In reality though the yarn on the handle kept riding up when you grabbed the coffee pot, so that idea was scrapped.  The coffee mugs though were perfect!  There are no doors on the cupboards in the kitchen so you see all the beautiful bright mug cozies as soon as you walk in.

 For Christmas I made Bonnie a purple crochet Ewok hood.  It is my first large crochet project and I have to say I am very happy with the pattern!   It was so easy to follow and the hood turned out wonderfully.  She loved the hood so much that she requested I make a bunch of interchangeable beards for it.  

On the way out we decided to tackle the gate that marks the entrance to Boland's Island.  We grabbed the rest of the yarn and went to town on it.  It was a pretty wonderful new years and I know Suie is going to love it!

It's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill.

What did you get up to during the holidays?  I would love to see any photos of Christmas gifts or projects that people made during the season.  Let me know!!

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