Saturday, January 5, 2013

Around the House Slippers

Every Christmas (or, more so winter) we would get a bunch of hand knit slippers from my Nana.  They were always a big hit and my mom loved them.  For a few years now I've taken on the task of knitting some slippers for my mom. But I always ran into troubles. This year I found the perfect pattern.  It was easy to follow and I finally saw it through.

I must admit I had to make myself a pair.  They were just too comfortable!

I brought them into work and the girls loved them too.  I made almost as many slippers as I made dishcloths this year!  It also helps that most of the slippers were made for people with small feet.  So each pair was done in no time.

They're knit on straight needles to make the opening for the foot.  Then you join in the round until you reach the toe.  Sew up the back of the foot to make the heel and weave in the ends.  


One warning!  They are very slippery slippers, which is of course half the fun.

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