Monday, January 21, 2013

Seven and Zero

Whew, it`s been a busy week for me!  I have the makings of an etsy store, now I just need to fill it with stuff.    I`ll have a few projects that have already been features in my blog.  As well as some exciting new ones I`ve been working on.  I spent a wonderful time in my friend`s studio taking some wicked pictures.  And am more or less trying to get all the behind-the-sceens work done.  But for now there are still a few gifts I made for Christmas to share!

This is a pattern I found on Ravelry by designer Caitlin Ffrench.  I was captivated by her designs.  Her pictures are really inspiring and she makes all of her knitting look so good.  For a Christmas gift I picked out one of her patterns, Seven and Zero, and gave it a shot.

It's a really loose and stretchy shawlette or scarf.  I had finished up the whole piece, including sewing on the button, but it didn't look quite finished to me.  I decided it needed a boarder in contrasting colour.  So I picked out some purple and my crochet hook.

I think it looks much more complete now, don't you?

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