Monday, January 14, 2013

Knitted ipad/netbook cozy

Right, so I have this tiny little laptop.  It serves me well and can go pretty well anywhere.  But I don't have a very nice case for it.  My dad had also mentioned, sometime before Christmas, that he had an ipad without a case.  Perfect, now I had some real motivation.

I went out and picked up this nice multi-hued yarn, (because I couldn't see my dad walking around with a neon bright ipad case) and started working.  

It's a really classy pattern, (I think cables are classy) and its knit in the round so there's not much to sew on.  Except of course the button.  I would suggest making two button-holes, on either side.  Rather then the single button in the middle.  That way the corners of the flap won't stick up.

All in all another very successful project!

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