Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crochet Skillz

Friday night my friend Christine came over and we spent the night crocheting.  It was wonderful to have someone properly teach me what I was doing.  Apparently I was holding the yarn and needle all wrong, which is probably why I've had so much difficulty in my past crochet attempts.

Take a look at my first project, a weeping angel from Dr Who.  It took me a while to figure out the pattern
(as I had to keep referring to youtube videos) but I am happy with how it turned out.  

I was also working on a crochet mouse a few weeks ago.  I was stuck on a few points, like those tricky ears!  But I did get it finished.  I stuffed it with catnip and it was immediately attacked by my cat.

I learned all the basic crochet moves, practiced them a few times, then immediately picked out a pattern that is way above my skill level.  I couldn't help it!  It is a beautiful shawl and full of skulls.  I'm such a sucker for skulls.  To make it even more challenging the pattern is originally written in Swedish, so there are some translation issues that have me really confused at times.

It's not completed yet, I'm a little stuck on the eyes.  It is going to take a fair amount of determination to complete but I have confidence I can get it done.  I always like to aim high with patterns that are a bit above my skill level.  It's how you get better. It's also how you end up with a bunch of unfinished projects.  So we'll see.

I put up a few more items on my etsy store.  It's a few things I've finished in the past couple months.  I also wrote a new pattern for a hat and am working to get that finalized and up on ravelry.  

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