Thursday, June 20, 2013


Currently I'm looking for a new job and decided to apply at the loop craft cafe in downtown Halifax.

I've been there a number of times and love it.  It's one of those places with yarn stacked from floor to ceiling.  I picked up my wonderful needle organizer there.  About a month or two ago I had been in asking about job opportunities.  They told me that they needed a resume that shows my knitting and crafting experiences. 

But the more I thought about this resume, the more I was intimidated by the idea of having to revamp it.  What does one put on a crafting resume, the amount of scarves I've made? (Not many actually, I'm not a scarf person)  After more then enough time thinking about it I focused myself and got to work.

To start off I looked through the thousands (literally) of photos I have taken of my work over the years.  Thinking about the different skills I've had to use. 

 Ravelry has a good list of techniques under the pattern contribution section.

Then I started thinking about the skills I want to learn, hence the push for learning to crochet.  I want to make a good pair of socks, learn some fair isle knitting, work on different blocking techniques.  It seems like I've been doing this forever but I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an expert yet.  There are still a great many skills that I have not picked up.  But I will.  :)

Think about it crafters, what would you be able to put on your resume.  What sort of skills have you mastered, and what ones do you want to take on?  Food for thought.

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