Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 In Review

Happy 2014 everyone!  
We've made some big progress this year with Not Your Grandmother's Knitting.  

The Etsy store has not seen a whole lot of changes over the year but I am starting to get custom orders.  It's amazing to me when people from other countries contact me because they love my work!  Most of the feedback I get is still from friends or people I have met in person, but that is starting to grow.  

I've also started selling my work at the Cocoon Bout-ique here in Halifax.  It's a fantastic store in the heart of Gottingen St. and is right now the only local place to get derby gear.  They also specialize in punk and alternative clothing so my knits fit right in!

We hit over 800 views for the month of December.  That's absolutely mind-blowing to me!  It's amazing the difference posting on Ravelry can make.  I noticed a huge change in traffic once I started sharing my patterns for free, so keep a watch for more patterns as I will definitely be doing that again in the future.  The top posts of the year were the Rainbow Mittens, my post on the Jayne Cobb hat shutdown, and the Scott Pilgrim hat.

As for the holidays I made some new fingerless gloves for the boyfriend as a Christmas present.  They were made to replace the gloves I made him last year as they didn't fit very well.  (That's what happens when you don't take any measurements and try to guess at hand sizing.  Oops!)  This year I left the strings on the fingers so I could re-size them later for a custom fit.

In turn he got me all the yarn to start making a Doctor Who scarf.  Yay!  There was so much excitement Christmas day when I was basking in all 7 balls of yarn.  There are so many different scarves used during the 4th Doctor's reign that it was hard to figure out which one to make.  Going by the guides on I started making the design from season 12.  It's great for some mindless knitting as it is all done in stockinette stitch.  I started it on Boxing day and have already made a great deal of progress.  Still a long way to go though!

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